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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Journey Restarted

I am not a blogger, but as I vocal as I have become on a few matters lately on this journey, especially health, I think it is time. A little about myself. I am a special ed teacher, mother of 3 grown kids, 2 dogs and 4 cats, and I have a husband too. Age wise, I am about ready for the big check from Social Security but I think I will work for a while longer! I get too bored easily to quit at this time.

 The purpose of this blog was to spread the good news about the many opportunities for good health for our families and us older guys and gals. My family has not always been health nuts. It took a major surgery for me to make me realize something in our diets and lifestyle needed to change and quick.

 My Recent History May 2010:

I had to have open heart surgery to replace a closed aortic valve in my heart. It was a devastating blow to me as I had always eaten healthy and tried to walk daily but I knew something was wrong with me. I went to the family doctor in February 2010 believing I had an allergy to nuts (when I ate almonds it seemed to made my heart race ) but what I found out it was something I had never heard of, I needed an aortic valve replacement. Major surgery, major down time, and a major blow to my ego! Thankfully my heart was in perfect condition besides that pesky little aortic valve. After a quarter of a million dollar surgery later, I got a brand new On-x mechanical heart valve that I will carry in me for the rest of my life. My new valve and I get along pretty well and it just keeps on ticking. Still it took over a year after surgery to feel normal again. I started searching for answers to getting my health, energy and drive back at 58 years of age, and it took another year to find a good supplement company that had the same ideas of being well as I did. I did not want any instant fixes, crazy shakes, and non organic ingredients dragging me back down to the years before my heart surgery. Thanks to finding and taking pure organic products, eating healthy and exercising, I have my stamina back and feeling pretty chipper.

 So thanks to an open heart surgery this journey has taken us to becoming an vegetable loving, heart healthy eating, organic buying family. We are really just the new normal family that hates GMOs, fad diets, junk food and being lied to about what is in our food.

 Don't all of today's families sit around the dinner table bashing GMOs and discussing how to eat raw and organic? Join the new normal, we all think you will feel better and live a lot longer!!

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