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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Do you have a health strategy??

Good morning Strategist! Lu here.
I just wanted to reflect on a post I read yesterday in a private group I am in on FB. It is a good group that is for people who are product users of a company that makes good organic supplements. The post was from a grandmother that was seeking help for her 10 year old granddaughter that weighed 200 pounds.
At first I wanted to go off on the grandmother for ever letting her granddaughter get to the point of weighing 200 pounds. I wanted to rip her up for letting this child become overweight at such an early age. It took almost 24 hours for me to calm down and reflect on what was the real issue here. The grandmother had no strategy for saving this child and she was really asking for help.
Today I am actually proud of the grandmother for seeking a plan; she was wondering if using all organic supplements would be good for her granddaughter and what would be the amount to give her. After all she was just a child.
This is what saddened me. The grandmother did not have any fear of letting her eating get out of control. Our society today endorses fast food, junk food, sugar, salt, and additives as the healthy standard, so when an option to have good health comes along we do not recognize it and fear the end result.
The good thing is the grandmother found a place where she would not be judged, just given help. I am not sure if she got a strategy to improve the health of the granddaughter but at least she is searching.
This is why this page was started. Do you need help finding a strategy for good health? What concerns do you have that we can help with? We will never endorse fad diets, crazy eating plans, drinks that fill up your stomach, or programs that are really scams. To find a strategy that works for you may take time, but time is going to pass anyway, whether or not you take control of your health and wellness.
Have a great day and reflect on what you want on this journey. We would like to hear from all of you.
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