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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yesterday my hubby and I went grocery shopping for the week but never set foot in a brick and mortar store. It's the new way to grocery shop. I think I can get to like it. 

First, I live in a small town with 3 basic grocery stores. Wally World, Kroger, Harps and a few small independents. When I do go to a store I usually go to Kroger. I boycott Wally World if at all possible. I don't like huge stores, or companies that do not do their employees right. I dont know if Kroger is any better, but I never hear negative comments about the way they are treated.

So with that in mind, we left early Thursday morning and drove to a small farmer's market. On Thursday there were only 2 stalls as Saturday is the big day for FM. I got 3 patty pan squash, a bag of carrots and pepper sauces for $7.00. Not bad! Next we went to the Mennonite farmer's stand. Great produce, but I am not sure it is organic. He is a little vague about that and prefers to say it is from HIS garden. I can relate to that, I don't think he is in cahoots with Monsanto so I just wash all the produce real well before eating. At Farmer Dan's we got peaches, 2 cantaloupes, a huge watermelon, onions, heirloom tomatoes, yellow squash ( I am a sucker for yellow squash) a jar of pickles and a bag of unshelled peas for $25.00. I was so excited!!

We have a community online market that is on Facebook. On Sunday thru Tuesday I can order online all the fruit and veggies for sale from many different farmers in the area. Some are true organic, some are just good people that don't spray their crops. They sell free range chickens (dead and cleaned) eggs, beef, jams, jellies, heirloom seeds, plants and a bevy of seasonal fruit and veggies to pick from. It is shopping without leaving your home. On Thursday is pick up your order day at the local Episcopal church. For $31.00 I got more tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, 2 bags of corn, free range eggs, zucchini and organic garlic. YIPPEE!!!

Since we are vegans, we found this shopping spree delightful. Veggies are so good at this time of the year, and Arkansas farmers have a way with raising local produce. I will miss fresh tomatoes in January as they only taste this good in the summer. But while they are still in season, I will eat them twice a day as long as they last. Now I need to go eat another bowl of red sweet watermelon and enjoy every bite. I LOVE summer.

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