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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Looking at the Past, Praying for the Future

ON a warm early fall day in 2001 I was driving to work when over the radio the announcer said that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Being half a country away, I thought that pilots in NY need to be more careful and blew it off as a small plane getting off course and colliding innocently into the tower. Then before I got out of my car another report was coming across the airwaves. I remember the people on the radio trying to get the correct facts and not being used to going live with anything but sports, hearing sheer terror in their voices.

By a few minutes after nine, we had gathered around a television in the teacher's lounge trying to make sense of what was happening. It seemed planes were falling literally out of the sky. One teacher started to cry and we all wondered if WW3 had begun. Who was doing this was our first question, then why.

The why is still not answered to my satisfaction. How can we as the strongest country in the world fall prey to a small number of terrorists and not see it coming?? Have we become so blinded with politcal correctnes that we are inviting groups to come on in and take over. It is like if someone stands up and says enough is enough, that they are mean and uncaring and we should just lay down and take it.

The Eagle is not feared anymore. People come across our borders illegally everyday.We allow drug lords to camp out our Southern borders and wreck havoc with the safety of our citizens along the Rio Grande.

Even worse the 9/11 Memorial scheduled on Sunday at ground zero, there will be no religious leaders there, no firemen or first responders. I am not sure what Mayor Bloomberg is thinking but he AINT no Mayor Giuliani. The first responders are what saved many lives, running into a chard rubble saving whoever they could find. And to not include God on a day that we sought God to help us is unthinkable. Oh well, we may hurt someones feelings mentioning God and that is not good.

Our country is in a sad state of events. We have lost our pride. We are losing our grip with reality. At this rate in 10 years, we will cease to be the proud country we once were. We will be bowing down to other foreign powers hoping they don't kill our citizens, call in our loans and take away our rights because they may offend them. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves. We need to pray daily before it is too late for our once powerful and free country.

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