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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rescue Cats

So many stray cats and dogs in the US end up in kill shelters that give them a week at best to find homes or that is it. It being the death penalty. In the US alone 12,000 animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, snakes or what ever pet that is dumped at a kill shelter are put to DEATH each DAY. This is needless because we do not have mandatory spay and neuter laws in the US, The government will not shunt down the puppy mills or police pay for pets breeders. Most animals from Puppy Mils are stressed out, undernourished and anti social to say the least. It is all the ASPCA and the humane society can do to be the police for animals in the US.

The donation button below is one to help save a kitten from a shelter on the east coast. Rescued because it had a terrible past, Mia is now ready to have hip surgery to save her hip. There is an orgainzation 10th life willing to do the surgery at a huge discount of $600 from the original cost of $1600. The rescue group will need to raise the $600 soon. I donated a small amount to help Mia through Paypal. I hope the $600 is raised soon to give this death penality cat a chance at a good life. Give any thing it will help.

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