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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jack the wonder Lab

This is my black Lab Jack. He is a rescue dog so to speak. When he was a puppy he came to our house and would not leave. He was about 2 months old, lost, cold and hungry. He moved in and stayed. But that is not the end of the story.

About a month later Jack got very very sick. The vet tested for him for everything Parvo, worms and the like. Nothing showed up as positive. The vet sent him home but he got sicker. Jack could not keep anything down. My husband loved this dog and took him back to the vet. Most people would have cut their losses on a street dog, but he insisted the vet put him on IV fluids and keep him there till he got well. Our vet ended up taking Jack home one night as he was sure he would be dead in the morning. Well, Jack was not dead, but got he a little better. In a few days he got to come home. My DH got had a thousand dollar vet bill. LOL

A few months later when he was about 6 months old a man stopped my son who was outside playing with Jack and asked where we got him. My son said he was a stray. The man said I think that is a puppy from a litter that was born around Christmas. (He bred Labs.) He continued that the pup came up missing and we always wondered where he went to. My son politely said, Well he ended up here, and if you want him back, my dad has a $1000.00 vet bill for you. The man laughed and said no I just wanted to make sure he got a good home.

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